Friday, November 13, 2009

old habits die HARD!

Greetings all of my pretty, pretty people!

I have always known how hard it is to break habits. And am learning now it is even hard eating wise and in my personal life. I have MANY of them to break and wean myself from.

I was working and on a break - I work from home for those of you that do not know - I was HUNGRY -- I walked by a bag of raw almonds, counted them out in my hand (good, right!?!?!) and then proceeded to toss nearly the handful into my mouth. WHAT THE...!??!?! So I opened my mouth - like you would with a dog that had just grabbed your favorite shoe -- let them fall back into my hand, put them in a bowl and ate them like a normal person.

It is things like that that made me fat in the first place. MINDLESS EATING. Just chowing whatever and not thinking about it.

The good news is that I am now thinking about it.

DOB 7/14/9
289/229/to start counting calories and fat

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