Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Look at me!! Look at me!! Imma tell you about my NSV(s)!!

No, really. Im waiting the drs ofc today and had time - an hr and a half actually. Babies being born trump my yearly gyno appt. And I realized my legs were CROSSED. No, not just one leg over the other but crossed and tucked waaaay in. Yay me! Had my appt. All went well.

I weigh 174. Dang. Thats crazy. The numbers really dont make sense in my head. I still feel strange in my own body.

My bff and I were out with our girls Sunday. We were in a huge crowd. She kept losing me. I was right in front of her. She kept looking for the big me not the now me.

Last night I took mini me and her friend to the Y. Everything went clustery. The childcare was closed so I couldnt go in the gym. No big we'll just spend al of our time in the pool. Wtf is my bathing suit. Took it out and left it on the dining room table. Double damnit! Ok, at Y and two kids in suits. Ok. Deep breath. I'll go in biker shorts and a sports bra. And I did. Me and two kids and Im wearing a pair of booty shorts and a sports bra. I lived. No one died from seeing my loose skin. The kids didnt noticed. And I had a great time! A hundred pounds ago that would have NEVER happened.

Ive been doing yoga on my own and walking the treadmill. Last night I did some water weights. Ive been doing some ab work. My stomach hurts. I think Im actually building core muscles. Im a little sore.

Life is good. Really good.

Now its time for pics!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Rewind from today to last fall -

Revision.  I want to have revision surgery.  I want my band out and I want to have gastric bypass.

Thyroid wonky - Insurance says sure - Dr says get tyroid straight first.  Alrighty!  2 months of monkeying with meds.  FINALLY got it right. 

Surgery scheduled for December 18, 2012!

Go into surgery.   YAY!  90 minute surgery takes over four hours.  Lap-band had eroded  Scar tissue had built up.  Finally out of surgery and into CCU.  My heart was skipping beats during surgery.  Fast forward to the middle of the night.  Pain - Holy mercy PAIN!!!

Dr. decided the next morning to go in to see what was going on. I had a leak and he fixed me up. A week in ICU.   I finally got to go home December 24th!

It was an interesting Christmas - to say the least.  I vaguely remember Christmas day.  I spent most of the next week in bed recovering.  There was a lot of family drama.  I am still not really sure what all happened. 

In January I wasn't able to really eat or drink.  I had developed scar tissue around the stoma.  Another surgery.  My stomach/intestine tore during the scope.  Surgery to repair that.  Another week in ICU.

Followed by 5 more dilatations for strictures.  Good times. 

Today is July 8, 2013.  I've gone from my highest weight of 289 to my revision surgery weight of 259 to my current weight of 175. It has been a long 6 and a half months.  Full of crazy crazy things and realizations.

I will update on some of those things soon.  I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed so far!

Have an amazing day!