Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Gypsy Wagon

My Gypsy Wagon....

In my next life...when I am alone...I shall live in a gypsy wagon deep in the woods. It will be beautiful and have everything that I need. I will never want for anything. I will have long hair, clear eyes and skin. I will be what others see in me.

I shall have a lover. His eyes bluer than my own. His beard will be as long as my hair. We shall have been together for so long that we have begun to look alike.

In our wagon in the woods we will have a stream close by...to be able to listen to the trickle of water. It will lead to a waterfall where we bathe. Where we swim in each others arms. A rock where we can lay in the sun like young lovers after a day of making love.

I will become a master chef of foraged things. I will wake when the sun rises and drift to sleep somewhere in the dark.

I will love with everything that I am. Even if it is only myself.

My Gyspy Wagon will have beautiful wheels..So when I grow weary of my woods -- We shall change locations...

We will spend the rest of our days and our nights in my Gypsy wagon.

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