Monday, December 6, 2010

Self forgivness...

I have told so many people -- be gentle with yourself. And I always mean it - But I can rarely do it with myself.

We are our own worst enemy and our harshest critics.

No matter how fast I can walk on the treadmill, how many miles I can bike, how hard i can dance and work out - It is rare that I ever feel that it is good enough. I beat myself up for it. I used to comfort myself with food. The endless cycle that made me fat to begin with. I do not do it so much anymore. I suppose that if I still had "fun size" Snickers in the house I might be eating them while typing this out. But I am not. I am just typing. Not focusing on food to sooth my blues. Just words.

I often let other dictate my moods. It happens especially when I am not feeling all that great - Like tonight. I was kinda (understatement) sick today. So I any time I spent with anyone else - I absorbed their mood - no matter what it was. Talk about a roller coaster.

Fortunately - I am making the CHOICE to end my evening to feel love and be able to love...

Love and peace --

And most of all,

Be Gentle With Yourself.


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