Wednesday, December 9, 2009

try this on....

I logged on to write this morning... I see that Kathy beat me to it. And as always -- Says it all better than I ever could. But I shall try...

A friend called to tell me he bought me a jacket. What size, I ask - Always my first question when it comes to clothes. It's an Extra Large. I cringe. ya wasted your money, babe I thought it, I didn't say it out loud. I go over to his house last night. He is all excited after a little bit and says, Oh yeah - your new coat. More cringing. I HATE trying things on in front of people. The embarrassment when something doesn't fit makes me want to crawl UNDER the bed. He pulls out the coat. COOL! It is beautiful. Ya think it will fit? Of course it will. It will fit like a glove, just like it should. really? Do you know me!?! come on.

I should mention this friend is a fashion stylist. AMAZING taste. Owns his own clothing resale business. To me - His word about clothing is GOLD.

He helps me on with the new coat. And it fits. Like a glove. He was right.

Speaking of coats - I found another on yesterday. I REALLY expensive coat that I had bought at the thrift shop for about $5 last year. It didn't even come close to fitting. But I figured that I could always sell it on Ebay at some point. Well, I found it wadded up in the bottom of an closet yesterday. When I bought it -- I couldn't even get it up over my arms. Yesterday - It fit like a glove.

Sometimes I feel like I do not know myself. I will catch a glimpse in the mirror and do a double take.

I have had people say that can't tell I have lost any weight. They say they never noticed my weight. Yes, I know they are just being nice. I am down 5 sizes and over 60 pounds lost.

It is a big adjustment. But I am adjusting...

Life is pretty good.


289/231/for this IVF to work

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