Wednesday, October 9, 2013

oh whatta day!

As most good Southern takes start - Yall aint gonna believe this.

Ok. You might. To some its not a big deal. For me - its a huuuuuge giant big ass deal.

No really.

Since I had weight loss surgery in December (and seven subsequent surgeries) Ive had a mental block against exercising. I mean I'll walk a little on my treadmill . Lift some 5 and 10 pound weights every couple of days.

But the mental block.

Ive lost over a hundred pounds. Ive always been able to hide behind my weight. When shit got real. Or I had to face up to something I could hide behind the fat.

And then I wasnt fat anymore.

I couldnt hide behind it. I was stuck out in the open. But I could still say I couldnt do -whatever- because I wasnt in shape/didnt have the staminia/insert excuse here.

Well....Ive given up the last excuse I have. I was up at 5am and in neon lights of Planet Fitness at 530am. Five miles on the bike and circuit training done. Felt like a total rockstar!

It was NOT easy. It was rough. Tomorrow I will be back on it. I'm armed with a plan. 5 days a week in the gym or in a cardio class.

Maybe I can get the last 20-25 pounds off. If I don't lose it at least I will be in good shape!

So get your cheerleading outfits on and help cheer me on!

Its not a short term fix and theres no easy way out. Just degrees of really hard work!!!

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