Sunday, August 18, 2013

8 months today!

Today is 8 months since I had my revision from lapband to rny. Ive gone from my highest weight of 289 in 09 when I had lapband down to 214 and back up to 259 when I had rny in Dec. Today I am 175. I saw 174 for about 22 seconds. I might see it tomorrow. It comes and goes. Bouncing bacl and forth between 174 and 178. Ive gone from. 26/28 to a 12/14.

Its all very surreal.

Id *like* to lose 25 more. My mind doesnt know if thats possible. Chances are if I had a full body lift Id be at about 160. My skin is crazy. But not as bad as I thought it would be.

It has NOT been easy. I had a leak in the hospital. My stomach and intestines were ripped during a stricture dilation. Ive had 8 strctures since then. But Ive been great for months. I can eat most things. Somethings make me sick. Some dont.

Im back on the losing end again. See bounce back above.

Ive lost weight in a weird way - but normal for me, I suppose. Lose a few. Stay the same for weeks/months. Lose more. Stay more. Its just how its been going. It freaked me out at first. But now it just is what it is.

A few things for newbies-

STOP RUSHING FOOD - You will eat soon enough. Enjoy being in CONTROL of what goes into your mouth for a change. Youve had a life time to eat what you wanted.

CHILL OUT!!! Stalls happen. Stop freaking out.

Stop spazzing over every gram of protein that goes in your mouth. Somedays will be 100 grams some will be 25.

STOP eating processed shit. Limit the shit that comes out of a box. Eat fresh healthy food. NO ONE gets to be 300 lbs eating fruits and veggies (unless theres a more serious condition and the see a dr).

Loose skin happens. Wear Spanx (or whatever brand you like). Deal with it.

If you dont fix WHY you eat you will never fix HOW you eat.

And lastly - just chill out and enjoy the ride.

Life is fun. Enjoy it!!!

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