Friday, July 20, 2012

To shave or not to shave...

that is a question -

I just finished reading a fabulous article by Mayim Bialik.

As some one who went into puberty early I did most things early. I did shave my legs starting at about 10 years old. To me that is early. Too early - Tho girls are doing it earlier from what I understand. Peer pressure, the internet, over bearing parents who want their children to conform....I do not care for any of it.

I used to wax everything. I have also lasered. At one time there was not a hair on my body other than my head, lashes and brows.

And then one day I realized this is so NOT who I am. Yes, I shave my legs in the summer. I am always in shorts or short skirts and I am not comfortable with hairy legs in summer. Winter however is totally different. I could care less. As I got older - past 40 - the hair stopped coming in as thick. YAY! One of the many bonuses of being over 40. I usually keep my pits shaved ...but not always. I only do that to be polite to others. I dont care. Other pieces and parts? I gave up the war on public hair long ago. I am not even sure what started the war. The internet - I always blame the internet. Agism too. Sorry boys (not that there are a lot of people viewing my nethers) but, I am not shaving or waxing anymore. I will give the complimentary trim tho. TMI - I know!

Anywho -- What about you? What are your thoughts on the war with your body hair?

ps - I AM vain as hell - I know, it's a sin. But still - I like nice clothes, shoes, make up, etc. I just do not think I have to remove all of the hair on my body to be pretty.

Have a happy day and congratulations on now knowing more about me than you wanted to!! It will get worse, I promise! ;)

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  1. I am lucky, naturally red hair, blonde body hair, can't see it, can go weeeks without shaving if I want. However I do shave my legs in summer pretty frequently, winter eh I do it when I feel like it, but I guess if I want to have sex with my hubby and not hear him complain about the brillo pads attached to my legs, I'll shave more often in winter too. I personally love the waxed nethers, for myself, I like the way it looks, feels and my hubby doesn't care either way, I do it for me, not him. Shaving is a pain in the ass, so when I'm doing well with cash, I'll go wax it all off (legs, underarms, pubic) .. its getting through three weeks of no shaving before going to wax thats hard!