Monday, November 22, 2010


I remembered my email account and password and I am back into my own blog!


So much to catch up on...So very much.

Life is going grand. Lilly is two and a half and a little baby wild thing. I have reconnected with SO many friends via Facebook - Including my friend, Dalton. We have not seen each other since I was 15. Double YAY! Ken is still going to school and probably will be until he is a million years old. Ann and Dan had their twins, Quentin and Madeline. They are beautiful!!! Steph and Dave are pregnant again.

And our biggest news is that my niece, Sadie, came to live with us. TRIPLE YAY!!! She is going to J/E HS and is in the 10th grade. She is beautiful, smart and funny as hell. And a typical 15 year old. Her grades are fair - But we are working on that.

My new "job" is babies -- And bunches of them! I babysit a couple of babies - 5 days a week. My time is crazy - But I get to stay home with my beautiful Lilly and Sadie.

The weight loss is going great! I had gotten down to 214 - But my band was too tight and I was dehydrated so within a couple of days of getting an unfill I gained 20 pounds. WTF!?!?!? So BACK on the "Band Wagon", so to speak.

I am down to 225 once again. I am Zumba'ing and working out in the gym a couple of days a week. Looking to bump that up a little soon.

I want to loose 40 more by February - My birthday - I bought 3 pairs of size 16 jeans last weekend. Those are for inspiration. Let's hope it works!! =) I want to lose another 10 by Christmas.

Wish me luck!!
So many things to be THANKFUL for!!!
289/225/210 by Christmas - mini-goal...

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