Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh My!

Has it really been this long since I have written anything??!?!?

What has happened to me? I feel like I have written every day. So much is going on and then at the same time nothing at all is happening!

Let's see.... This past weekend - I turned 40!! 40 -- Me. The girl who could not see life past 30. Well, I made it.

I am a 40 year old mother, wife, lover, accidental blogger and occasional artist.

My amazing younger sister, Carly, came for my party! It was fantastic to see her. 11 of my bestest friends came to celebrate with me. A fabu time was had by all right down to the pipe cleaner tiara (worn by yours truly), rings for the ladies and boutonnieres by the gents!

My weight loss goal was to get down to my 2-teens for my birthday. I didn't make the goal. But I AM down to 224. Not to shabby for the former fat girl of 289. I want to be there by Lilly's birthday. I have until the end of March.

My BFF Ann is preggo, great with child, knocked up, etc. I could not be happier for her. I thought I would take one of my besties getting pregnant before I did pretty hard. But it really wasn't so bad. I have the worlds most amazing baby. Now don't get me wrong - This does NOT mean that I am over baby fever. Not in the least.

My other bestest buddy, Alan, was in ICU with a serious case of Gullian Barre' Syndrome. Google it -- It is S E R I O U S! After that he was in the hospital for a week and then in rehab for a week. Not bad for a disease/syndrome that can kill people. I am very proud of him for making such a recovery.

I spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital. I had a HORRIFIC stomach virus and was suffering from severe dehydration and exhaustion. And a migraine. 2 1/2 days of morphine and zofran was just what the Dr. ordered.

Snow, snow and more snow...That is what is coming down around us. Lots and lots of snow.

And oh yeah -- The Saints WON the SUPERBOWL!! I am not a girl that normally follows football -- But it is the SAINTS!!! And we WON! Didn't just make it -- But actually WON! Crazy stuff I tell you!

For more pics of the worlds most perfect child and my party, check out my facebook page!

Heres to some more weight loss now that life is slowing down a tad!!

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