Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am still trying to get my blogging butt in gear. keep the blog going -- Pump it up!!

To be a blog about fat chicks, being a fat chick or being an artistic fat chick. WAIT A MINUTE, SAM! It can be about ALL of those things!! Because I am all of those things.

Tonight we made a pilgrimage out to Cicero to pick up a dining room set off of Freecycle. The man was kind enough to haul it all back here in his truck for us. SWEET! There is a table, 6 chairs, a hutch and tea cart. LOVES IT! Ok, I am not a huge fan of blond pine wood or Danish Modern. But for free!? I LOVE it! And eventually, it will be painted with tender loving care! The table is tucked into a nook in the dining room. The hutch and tea cart is in the kitchen and the chairs are already nestled around the table. DOUBLE SWEET! Tomorrow everything will get a scrubbing with some Murphy's oil soap and I will eventually get to the painting. Pics to follow, I promise. Before and After, of course.

That's the artsy side of the post -- The banded fat chick part --

I think I need a small unfill -- Over the past couple of days my band has gotten tighter -- MUCH -- tighter. I could not eat today - not until later this evening. It always helps to drink something hot before I eat. For whatever the reason it seems to relax the bad some. But that was not even helping today.

My weight has stalled -- Due to not being able to eat enough protein. I am sure. Also - NOT working out at all. I am in lazy winter hibernation mode. All I want to do is eat (if I could) and sleep. The perfect outfit would be comfy seats, big thick socks and some kind of hooded top. Pigtails/ponytail is a must also.

Yeah - that is SO not a skinny chick outfit. That is what fat girls wear to cover the fat.

It does help that before my birthday I had my hair colored, a massage, a pedicure and a facial. So I am not feeling as ugly as I COULD be feeling. But not as pretty as I could be feeling either.

It always goes back to how I am feeling, doesn't it!?

Ok - So now I am feeling sleepy and it is about time for me to give into it.
peace, love and protein shakes!
really fat/not so fat/cute chubby chick

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