Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 years ago...

10 years ago today I gave birth to three perfect babies. Perfect eyes, perfect noses, perfect fingers and toes.

They were just too little.

10 years have gone by and today has not gotten any easier. I still miss you SO much. I still think about what you would be like. Libby would look just like me. Avery a gentle blending of myself and her father and Max just like his daddy.

Perfect little babies captured in time. Captured in my mind. Captured in my heart.

I miss you more than you can imagine. Sometimes more than my heart can stand.

I wish we had gotten to spend more than our few short hours together. I wish you had gotten the chance to grow up. The chance to blow out the candles on your 10th birthday cakes.

I miss you Libby, Avery and Max. Happy Birthday.
All ways,

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  1. Hi Kebbie, I tried to post a comment on the day, but it didn't work. God bless you! My heart breaks for you and your eternally perfect babies.